SOLD - UFIP 10" CLass Series Splash and 16" Class "Fast" Crash (well, keeping!)

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Mar 5, 2017
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Ive decided to keep these two UFiP cymbals, I have a lot of sets by brand but none are as full as my UFiP rig to consider them a cymbal bank. So these will stay here with me for now.

OK, I am NOT a man of few words but I am going to try in this case.... through my promo deal I had the opportunity to put together large bank of UFIP cymbals for a show I was with recently and these two never found their way into the set. I'm OK keeping them simply because I would use them at some point (most likely with the 80's show I'm working with now) but up until not they have seen VERY little stand time. Just testing the water to see if anyone can use them more than I am playing them at the moment.

Price includes free shipping in the lower 48 (will split it with you in Canada) and I will cover the PP fees so were all protected. And you know about my ability to create the worlds worst sounding cell phone videos, but I believe it's a decent representation of the sound even if the visual quality is awful! Feel free to make an offer but please dont take offense if I decline.

10” Class Series Splash, Light (265 Grams) $100.00
Very nice condition with no flea bites, key hole or damage at all.




16” Class Series Fast Crash (886 Grams) $150.00
Like the 10" splash the crash is in very nice condition with no flea bites, key hole or damage at all.





Thanks for the look,
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