SOLD...Vintage Yamaha Club Custom in Black Shadow finish 10,12,14,22


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Apr 24, 2012
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Bucks county pa
Early pre YESS 1990's Yamaha Club Custom kit in Black Shadow finish. Made in Japan. Great sounding drums with birch / mahogany shells with black interiors. I believe these are the same shells as the 1980's tour custom series. The kit is very clean and no pedal rash. The tom holder was upgraded to a newer yamaha 3 hole tom mount. Other than that its all correct. Great sounding drums. IMO the tone is comparable to the Recording Custom series but not as dry. Tunes up easily. All shells are in round with original bearing edges. Ships to the lower 48 states only. Local pickup is ok too. Contact me with any questions. $650.00 + actual shipping. Pay with Paypal.
10 X 9 tom
12 X 10 tom
14 X 12 hanging floor tom
22 X 16 bass drum
tom holder
3 pre yess tom arms.
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