SOLD Zildjian 2019 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride 2395g


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Apr 3, 2008
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Mid Michigan
This listing is for a nearly new Zildjian 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride weighing in at 2395g. (This is from the "modern" family of Special Dry cymbals, not the release from the early 2000's.) Great ping, just enough body to make it sound like a ride cymbal. Highly expressive. I purchased this cymbal new in March 2019 and have used it regularly since. I'm only selling this one because I liked it so much that I tried out the 23" model, which I like even better.

IMG_1467.JPG IMG_1471.JPG

I've used this cymbal on everything from small group jazz, musical theater, pop gigs, and even at a moderately loud blues jam and it killed. I found it to be really comfortable to play in situations where I normally would feel a bit like I had "the handcuffs" on; the dryness and shorter sustain means you can still dig in a bit without fear of overpowering quieter instruments/voices.

Obviously this is not the cymbal for every gig. It has a definite volume limit at which it simply cannot cut through, but for low and moderate volume situations it plays really nice.

I'm offering free shipping to the US48 at my asking price of $300. Worldwide shipping is available. Please contact me for a shipping quote to your area.
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