SOLD - Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Thin Overhammered Ride 2234g $400 shipped US48


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Apr 3, 2008
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Mid Michigan
Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Thin Overhammered ride cymbal at 2234 grams. "AH" serial number indicates manufacture in 2018. I purchased it new in June 2019. I've used this cymbal on dozens of gigs but it has always traveled and been stored in a heavy duty cymbal bag and it remains in excellent condition.

The cymbal has been professionally drilled for three rivets, using a drill press. See close up photo. The holes are positioned so that the rivets sit at about the one o'clock position once the cymbal has settled on the stand. No rivets currently installed.

IMG_2123.JPG IMG_2126.JPG IMG_2128.JPG IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2134.JPG IMG_2135.JPG IMG_2139.JPG IMG_2141.JPG IMG_2143.JPG

The Thin Overhammered rides are the lightest 22" cymbals available in the K Con lineup. Most of the 22" K Cons tend to have a little more weight, especially in the center of the cymbal, which produces a more "chimey" sounding bell. Not so with the Thin Overhammered, which are light, highly responsive cymbals with a very "integrated" sounding bell, more reminiscent of an Agop 30th or a Bosphorus Master series cymbal. This one also has a little bit of a dry, trashy, Bill Stewart vibe, at least to my ears.

$400. Free shipping included to destinations in the US48. Worldwide shipping available, please contact me for a quote to your destination. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any further questions.
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