Sonor 12x5 Chrome-on-Steel Snare Drum. As-new with great upgrades | *second price drop* $95


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Apr 27, 2020
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Sonor Chrome-on-Steel Snare Drum 12" x 5" | $95 + $24 shipping to the lower 48 USA | SECOND PRICE DROP
This drum is as new - unused - with the following upgrades:
  • New Ludwig P85 classic throw-off/strainer.
  • New PureSound Custom Series 20-Strand Snare Wire (retail $24).
  • New Aquarian Classic Clear resonant head.
  • New Remo UT batter head.

Sonor 12x5 snare - bottom.JPG

Sonor 12x5 snare - butt end.JPG

My Sonor “Martini” badged snare drum is the near-equivalent to the current Sonor AQ2 1205 SDS snare drum; but you'll pay much more for the AQ2, and then you'll need to buy replacement heads and replacement snare wires to get it to sound great.

Demos of this snare drum (with stock heads and stock snare wires):

- The AQ2-badged ”Martini” here (advance to 2:50 for the “Martini” demo).
- The ”Martini” badged one - same as mine - here.

This snare drum travels lightly as your main snare drum and serves as a terrific second snare drum when set to the left of your hi hat. My upgrades - the reso-side Aquarian head and the PureSound snare wires - make this drum sing!

Packing and shipping will be done with great care.
Shipping only to the lower 48 USA.
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