Sonor Single Post Lugs, Tube Lugs (from S-Classix/S-Class/Sonic/Designer), Vintage Bass Pedals & Hat Stands, Parts, Shells, Klipsch PA Gear & Mics...

Fungus Amungus

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Sep 20, 2012
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Huntsville, Alabama
I have so much gear that I need to move...BEFORE I HAVE TO MOVE! Relocating to the Gulf of Hurricanes and damn tired of hauling this Crap around...need to Liquidate it all before the Gulf of Mexico Liquidates it for me! Not kidding when I say there's at least a TON of Parts, Shells, Stands and mess I want gone...want it put in the hands of someone with the time on this rock to do something with it! There's Pic's to be Posted but will entertain offers for the Entire Load ONLY for right now! Need it GONE...yes, it's a lot of stuff, but the price will be right!

Check out the Pics and ask for more if you need them!