Soundseat woes


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Nov 17, 2021
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First, a confession. I am not a drummer. I am a guitarist who recently purchased a Soundseat directly from the manufacturer, based on all the positive reviews on the net. I purchased it not just for when I play guitar, but also as a replacement desk chair for my aged Steelcase Thinkchair, which I loved, but has broken down. Prior to buying the Soundseat, I talked to the manufacturer and told them I also planned to use it as a desk chair and asked if they thought that was a good idea. I was told everyone in their office used one for this purpose and loved it.

Now for the bad news. I am finding that the chair is making my butt and thighs ache after sitting on it at my computer (back and shoulders feel great though).

Has anyone experienced similar issues with their Soundseat? Is there a break-in period?
Forgot to mention that mine has the medium back in addition to the throne.

For the record, I am 68, in good health, 5’10 and weigh 168 lbs. I will admit that my butt (or lack thereof) ain’t what it used to be.

I have contacted Soundseat and they were very surprised since it seems that all they have heard from anyone but me that it was the most comfortable chair ever. They suggested I play with the height and back settings and to give it a couple of weeks. I’ve done that and it still hurts after sitting for awhile on it, and that pain lingers.

Would love to hear others experiences and thoughts on this.

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Feb 1, 2020
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I bought one for my keys, the mp seat with rigid backrest because I needed something that would not cut the circulation and put pressure on my hamstring muscles as I lost nerve connections with my calf after a paragliding accident and thus, I have mouse too much and all the time my hamstring muscles then, chronic pain...
When I play, no issue, even after 4/5 hours body is still the max I can do now, after that, I need to lay down on my side..
But when I use it for my desk on the phone with customers, it's a bit tough on me because I don't have much gluteus muscles anymore which is the one we seat on...so, yes, if you have a Lack of butt, the seat is a bit too stiff...
but the backrest is awesome and no pain on my calves at all. I think it's just that if we would have wanted a softer back, it could lead to less support ...So, I think it's more me that leads to the pain that the issue with the chair...


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Dec 7, 2014
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Sorry to hear that. I can only tell you that my soundseat is extremely comfortable. I bought it many years ago though (maybe 15 even?) so it's possible the product has changed.


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Apr 3, 2006
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I have two sound seats and haven't had any issues. For the first time in awhile I brought out a rock n' sock round top throne base I had kicking around for rehearsal. I noticed it the whole night, though this probably had a lot more to do with round vs saddle than anything else. But in this context I liked how the sound seats are a bit stiffer than the squishy top on the Roc n Soc.

With that said, I sit at a desk for my day job 8-10 hours a day and use an Aeron. I'm no expert on desk/chair logistics, but they seem to me to be very different beasts. When I play drums I'm a lot more physically active.

Anyways, good luck with figuring out what works for you. I got both my SS when JR was still alive, but its a small family business, so I can't imagine its changed that much. I hope they help you figure things out, or worst case you can probably get most of your $ back on the SS if you need to sell.