Starts posting before I even finish ticket; was trying to write about one of my threads posted incorrectly!


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Apr 14, 2020
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Harrisonburg VA
Here I go again. Was looking for review of German snare wires online. Noticed title of one of my drum forum threads RE: Ddrum Vintone Mahogany snare drum. But the content under title described Sonor bop kit and snare. I then clicked on it and was connected to drum forum and the entire Ddrum thread.
How does this happen? Why would my Vintone thread appear when searching for German snare wires, with the wrong content? Yet clicking on it takes me to the correct forum thread.
It's just a mix up, but certainly confusing to anyone looking for snare wire info. My thread had nothing to do with German snare wires, and the incorrect content makes a single reference to Puresound wires.
I guess I don't understand how the search engine looks for anything with "snare wires", then mixes and matches items from drum forum. Nonetheless, my Vintone thread doesn't belong here.