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Sep 19, 2005
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Northeast Indiana
Roch's topic of a Half Hour workout got me thinking and I remembered a little chart I created years ago to get me through STICK CONTROL without it becoming repetitively tedious ( you all know 4 pages of straight 8th notes)

So here it is:

Stick Control.jpg

It is a lot simpler than it looks.
Column A is the "title" of each section followed by Column B the Page #.
Column C is the total number of lines in each section.
I don't remember how or why I decided on the math for Column E so ignore it.
F is E rounded up to an actual number ( who plays .6 of an exercise anyway?).
The Total at the bottom of F is the number of minutes it would take to run down all those exercises.

An hour was a bit much for one book for me at the time. I needed to get on to other things so I modified those down to what I could do in about a half hours time and that is what Modify 1 is with things working out to about 35 minutes.

So to do the 35 minute routine you would do 2 lines of singles, 2 lines of triplets, 2 lines of single rolls, 2 lines of double rolls, etc.all the way through each section.

The next time you did this you would do the next t 2 lines of singles, the next 2 lines of triplets, etc.

The DURATION is how many days it would take you to get completely through a section before you would have to start at the beginning of that section again. You can see that because of the numbers, some sections you will be through in just 12 days while a section like the Flam Beats will take you 48 days to get through. Doing this, you will never really have the same practice patterns twice.

The book says to practice each line 20 times. I have a stopwatch and go for a minute each. Depending on your tempo you will get more or less than 20 done in that time.

Good Luck and Have fun.