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Oct 23, 2017
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I've been thinking a lot about stomping. As a piano player I stomp when playing a tune with drums/basss eg. Good hearted woman. What is the correct or best way to stomp your feet?
How is this conneted to drum technique? I wouldn't call the wayI use me feet when drumming as stomping but there must be a connection anyway.
I am not really after the correct answer but rather interested in your personal experiences. I actually heard from a drummer that you must be careful when stomping as it can hurt your body.


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Feb 11, 2012
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L.A., CA
I don't think there is a "correct" way... some do this as a form of metronomic computation (keeping time), while others are motivation by the "feeling" they get coming from the music.

I think someone may have been trying to warn you that the energy has to go somewhere when you are stomping your leg. If it doesn't diffuse to the equipment or floor than your body can take the brunt of that energy. I would say just to listen to your body, if you get pain from stomping, then don't stomp (recover), and then try to reign it in and do it a bit more passively/less aggressively in the future.

I'm more of a foot tapper than a stomper when listening to music.


Nov 26, 2013
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I think pivoting at the ankle is your best bet. As Hop said, this is more of a tap than a stomp. You're less likely to bruise your bones, less likely to create unwanted noise (especially when recording or on a hollow stage, stomping can be bad), less likely to distract other players and less likely to drag. Pivoting at the ankle (tapping) is, in my opinion, a good default bass drum and hi-hat technique for soft to medium volumes; pivoting at the hip (stomping) also has its place, though, especially for accented notes or loud volume drumming. With my young piano students, pivoting at the hip and lifting the entire leg (stomping) seems to be easier to grasp at first, as it's more like marching or walking; pivoting at the ankle is more nuanced; but, I do warn them not to stomp too hard to avoid bone bruising. Practicing stomping (or tapping) and clapping is a great way to internalize rhythm no matter what instrument you play. However, I also think it's good to not rely on it. In other words, you should be able to perform without stomping and still keep good time, but practicing stomping will help you be able to do this.

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