Strike Pro Ride Cymbal


May 26, 2020
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I received my "Blemished" Strike Pro kit from Guitar Center on 6/4/20 and after getting it all set up, I learned that the ride cymbal barely triggers. It will only make noise when I strike it extemely hard. All of the other cymbals respond as the should. To isolate the problem to the cymbal I plugged the cables from the module into toms 3-4 and I got the bell and bow sounds as I should, therefore it is definetely the cymbal itself. Are these easily fixed, or will it have to be sent to an authorized service center? Lesson learned from buying "blemished" products from Guitar Center. Nowhere on the listing did it say there was a defect in one of the pads or any description of what the blemish was. I was assuming it would be cosmetic. I contacted them, and surprise surprise, they won't do anything about it.

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