Stripping paint from old shell/now have paint clay?...


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Oct 6, 2005
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Northbridge MA
So this fall one of our forumites was selling a Ludwig and Ludwig BD-I acquired it as a projected.
I've been using Citris Strip to removed the many layers of paint and looking forward to staining it (I've grown to love staining).

My issue now is that while the Strip has removed a lot of the paint there is still some paint on the shell that's got the consistancy of do i get it off the shell?

I tried sanding but it quickly overwhelms the sand paper. Goo Gone...nope...I've got Acetone but worried about the old wood (should I be?)...I may just try more Citrus Strip...I'm so close...

On a side note...I can't believe how much goopy paint came of this thing...the paint must have doubled the weight of the shell.


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May 11, 2006
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I would wipe the shell down with Lacquer Thinner on a rag and get as much of the old paint off as possible and then sand the heck out of it. Paint has a tendency to get in the grain of the wood and you have to get it all off in order for the wood to take stain well. It will be a lot or work to get all the paint out of the wood grain. Acetone will work as well and won't hurt the wood...
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