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Aug 7, 2005
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Jeannette, Pa.
Knock Knock..
" Hi. I got lost do you know where I could find " Sinclair's Rock Roll Recording Studio's?"
"Yes I was told it was down this street but...is there a sign out front?"
"was it the Madame Trudeau's Card Reading knock before entering door?"
"oh Ok I'll try that thanks'..


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Feb 17, 2010
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Los Angeles
Hey Joe.
First..."knock knock"...smile you're on camera. Secondly you'll need to scan your retina using the scanner to the right of the studio door. Anyone not recognized by the retina scan, AND not on the daily recording ledger will be considered an intruder and dealt with swiftly by my crack security staff...UNLESS...
1) you have a bag of pot confirmed by drug sniffing dogs OR 2) carrying a bag of Old Stamp K's confirmed by cymbal sniffing dogs. In these two cases only you'll be escorted to the artists control room entrance in back.
BTW, my drones have detected you've parked in a spot on the street used by my neighbors son. You'll have to move it.

Actually we've finally started the test recording phase. My son who designed the wiring, patch bays, and integration of the analog board with the 8 track tape machine with the computer is now working full time at the studio for a composer who writes for TV and film. He's engineering at his very substantial home studio, playing guitar, bass even drums on some ques ...he's even written a few things and been in on meetings with the director and producers of these projects. Basically he's getting paid to learn how things really work. It's a great opportunity for him resulting in our timeline being pushed back substantially.