TAMA Iron Cobra Left-Handed Power Glide Double Pedal Lefty HP900PSWLN Cobra Coil


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Oct 24, 2013
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This pedal was never used, set up, or played. There is some wear on two points of the pedal frame from movement inside the case, but these were there when I received them from rubbing inside the hard case. Any close inspection will show that these were never actually set up or played. Plastic wrap was taken off the beater heads so there's negligible amount of black from banging around inside the case, as is what caused the frame wear
Includes the Cobra Coil return spring beneath the footboard.
Will also include the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat attachment clamp to attach the slave pedal alongside the Iron Cobra Hi Hat.

This is the previous generation Iron Cobra before the beater change. You can note the different beater and footboard design.

$210 shipped to lower 48.

I will ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe. Just contact me for a quote
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