Tama Superstar EFX snare drum orange satin flame

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
Not sure when Tama made this Superstar snare drum. It's a Superstar EFX, but not sure what Tama called this wrap.

The drum is 5.5" x 14". It's got 8 lugs and Tama die cast hoops. Has the original throw off, butt, wires and tension rods.

It's all there. The wrap has a couple scratches, but overall it's pretty nice. I cleaned and polished all the chrome, so it looks really good in the photos, but up close the rims, strainer and some of the lugs have a lot of pitting.

The last wrap photo show what it looks like with flash under lights.
The snare side head is good, the top should probably be replaced.
All in all, a really cool looking Tama snare drum for cheap $.
Asking $149 plus shipping (around $20). Please have paypal ready if you want it. Feel free to pm me with questions or chime in if you know years produced and the name of the wrap.


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