Tell me you have too many drums...


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Feb 12, 2016
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Not long ago I decided to work on a Ludwig Standard 100 i bought for cheap and was shipped. Turned out to be a Lemon Strata. Thrilled yet embarrassed to find out. Unmanageable!


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Jul 5, 2012
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Sechelt(ish), B.C. Canada
My wife recently asked me if I should get a second storage unit...just for my drums.
Bonus points or what!!!!!
Say heck you can store some of your shoes and hats there as well....sometimes hat cases are just like drum cases. Don't mix them up when you're off to a gig though...


Dec 11, 2019
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Bonus points or what!!!!!
Say heck you can store some of your shoes and hats there as well....sometimes hat cases are just like drum cases. Don't mix them up when you're off to a gig though...
Sounds like someone speaking from experience


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Jan 23, 2020
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As of right now I'm only staring at the "too many drums" line with envy; I need to get one more set to push me over it.


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Aug 27, 2018
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I feel like I have too many kits for the space I live in (an apartment). But I don’t want to get rid of any, although I don’t feel the need to buy more.

I like mostly vintage drums. I have 60’s Ludwig, square badge Gretsch, and my Sonor collection. They all sound different and make me hear things differently when playing.

If I have the option to bring a 12/14/20 60’s club date to a singer songwriter gig vs a Sonor lite 10/12/16/22, I think it’s a better fit. And vs versa for heavier rock gig where the kits all mic’d in a large venue.
I also like to get a shell bank once I start putting together a kit, maybe 3-5 toms and 2 bass drums.

At the end of the day, I don’t play golf, I don’t go on extravagant vacations, I don’t have kids (at least yet), I don’t do drugs, I’m not a huge spender, so I don’t mind putting some money into my passion, drums. Especially when they are so pretty and awesome and amazing.

I think vintage drums in good condition will only gain more value and become harder to find. I also notice the selection on the second hand market has become more scarce over the past 3-4 years.

I say if you love drums, do as you wish and be happy.


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Feb 27, 2020
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...without telling me you have too many drums.

I'll go first:
I have a Black Beauty that is serving as a stand for my parts toolbox.
Yes, I guess I have too many kits too. I started getting interested in vintage drums in the early 1970’s and have gone through many kits.I now have ten or 12 kits, the most I had at one time was 14 kits.
what I have now….
Late 60’s Ludwig sky blue Pearl 22,13,16,18 my first kit I’ve had since the late 60’s
1969 Ludwig maple finish 18,12,14,
Ludwig 60’s70’s Downbeat blue sparkle 20,12,14,

Gretsch Tangerine sparkle 1960’s 18,12,14, with extra 20,13 and matching snare
1977-78 Gretsch yellow lacquer 18,12,14, with matching yellow Nitron snare

Rogers WMP 1960’s 18,12,12,14 with extra 20
Rogers blue sparkle 1960’s20,12 12,16 Top Hat
Rogers blue sparkle 22,12,14 and matching Powertone

Slingerland early 1960’s red sparkle
18,12,14 plus extra 1960 16x18 bass and matching 5x13 snare

2001 Drummers World custom ordered nesting kit
16x16, 8x10, 13x13

Ludwig 1920’ drum set 14x28 with painted drum head
Chinese Tom,various Chinese cymbals wood block etc
I have about 30 snares from the 1920’s to today.including 1920’s 4x14 black beauty, 1930’s Leedy Black elite, 1966-67 wood Dynasonic, etc, etc. 1920’s Ludwig heavy brass, Craviatto solid walnut,etc.
Cymbals, A Zildjian,old K Zildjian, Sabians and recently I got into the InstanbulAgop cymbals.
Also a Leedy 1920’s. Ylophone,Deegan Roundtop Bells, Latino percussion, Yamaha
P80 keyboard, two guitar amps bass amp and and PA in my practice studio. All this stuff is in one 12 x24 shed behind the house! Thank God it has a loft space for me to store most of the kits since one kit is set up for practice
My wife is happy as long as things are in the studio although there usually is one kit in the hallway waiting to be used for whatever gig I might have coming up. I remember many years ago asking a teaching how many snares should a drummer have and he said one wood and one metal……as Lou Costello use to say….ima bad boy…., but then again Hey! I don’t spend it on drugs, drinking,gambling women ( that was many many years ago) so nobody is getting hurt. I remember back in 1992 I was with a girlfriend at the time and found in a little music shop a 1920’s black Beaty which I bought for $650 with my own money since I was working six nights a week as the show drummer at the
Nevele hotel in the Catskills in upstate NY. She was really pissed I spent that kind of money even though it was my own money I earned .She dumped me in January 1993 and I still have that snare. I’ve thoughabout thinning the heard as they say to five kits and ten snares but the problem is I take out a kit to use and say…man ,this kit sounds so nice I can’t sell it….