That time I spent a year trying to find the right kit.


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Apr 29, 2021
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I spent nearly all of 2012 searching for my first kit in nearly 15 years.
I had put drumming down and walked away, consumed with other activities (cycling and coaching cycling) thinking I was done.
But the itch came back and so older, wiser, and more patient I began searching for my (potentially) last kit.
My job had me doing 5-7 cross country drives per year coaching collegiate cycling so I took every opportunity to visit music stores and drum shops to sample as many kits as possible. I was looking for the sound that spoke to ME. I had been out of the loop so long I didn’t have any loyalties to companies and barely knew half the ones I sampled.
Played them all, you name a brand, I probably played it. I took nearly 12 months and kept notes.
Spent twice that time on YouTube watching video demos (thanks Drum Center Portsmouth) among others.
Then in early December I came across this video.
I was immediately annoyed because nearly 90 seconds in I hadn’t heard the toms.
Then, he finally gets to the point.
I watched it a dozen more times but the last 11 only confirmed what I knew about 2 minutes in.
I had found my new kit.
Went out the following weekend (drove 2 hours) to the nearest retailer and bought the year end close out 4 piece version (I didn’t care what color they were, I was buying the sound they made), so that was easy.
Nearly a decade later and I own two of these kits. One I keep in the home studio, the other I gig with since I brought them home, so they stay in road bags and have travelled thousands of miles playing venues small (mostly), to large (a couple of arenas and festivals).
On the forum people always talk about buying drums for their sound.
I truly believe I actually did that.
I had never heard of this company till I watched this video, and frankly find companies with richer histories more appealing from a lineage standpoint.
But, this is the sound that speaks to me, so that’s what I play.

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Aug 13, 2015
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I've had 3 Saturn kits and I kick myself every now and then for getting rid of any of them. If I ever come across a Saturn IV in the red/blue sparkle finish, I'm gonna have to pull the trigger.