The 10 Best New Drum Kits in the World Right Now!


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Oct 31, 2019
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Actual the Mapex kit is the one kit trying some cool and revolutionary ideas, but because it is Mapex, most won't dig to find out what they are.
I feel that mapex makes a good kit. It's not mine but the guitarist that I'm working with has a mapex Mars set which is what I'm playing on since its already set up as a permanent fixture in his studio. Its a 6 piece which I have adjusted to playing and for what we're doing which is an old school sabbath style metal with the toms turned real low and his guitar downtuned as well it performs admirably. Lots of volume and low end in the toms and bass drum. The only weak component is the wood snare, but that might even change once we start recording with mics. Right now we're just demoing songs and using an iPad to record our riffs and compose arrangements and the snare doesn't cut through very well. But again they're not mic'd or mixed either.


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Nov 6, 2016
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Levittown, PA
I'm sure they're all nice kits, but except for #10 that I've never heard of, they are the big names/distributors. I can walk into the local guitar center and see these names right in a row.

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