The last done on the Yamaha EAD10

Toast Tee

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Jan 8, 2019
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My 3 year old daughter loves Michael Jackson. Being i had recently watched Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett play, and interview on Drumeo, i figured i could easily cover a couple MJ tunes.
I had been recording with Duct tape, so to speak. The EAD10, about disabled, to the Tascam Model 24, and back to the EAD. Don't ask, it worked well enough sometimes, and not so much others.
I looked at the 3rd Gen Focusrite 18i20, and really liked what i understood about it.
So going forward, I'll be using the Focusrite,
along with Abelton live 10 (light to start). I haven't chosen a video editing program, but ill use something free.
A couple MJ tunes. Unedited, mistakes. These were challenging for me. I'm starting to adjust to playing without the feeling in my foot