The Mummy - Heavy lyrics and funny video


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May 29, 2018
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Closets always contain secrets... Of course! I am a little disappointed, may be the rain, Life, politicians, virus, that's why I did this song. I like very much the rhythm that supports my voice. I hope you can enjoy it. Below the vid I put the English translation, I think lyrics are interesting, may be you can read the story?

Stay safe.

I forget it
that i'm alive
and I become a hidden mummy
in a closet, in a closet
that protects me from calendars
and minutes and seconds
filled with yesterday, now and later

I am a bandaged ghost
with the papers of the news
that are the same
always so sad and expert
in repeating over and over again
over and over again
for ever and ever, Amén

This planet
it's a closed circuit

The life, the water and the air we breathe,
everything is past, everything is past

This planet
it's a closed circuit
and the words that we pronounce as they appear
on our role
are already said, are already said, are already said

There is no way to escape this crystal ball
it is the one used by witches
to see what will happen
it's always the same
It's always the same