The Rascals Gene Cornish autobiography "Good Lovin' " Mint Like New SORRY SOLD 7/23/2020


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Oct 28, 2011
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Bryn Mawr PA
SORRY, SOLD 7.23.20

Gene's self-published story. Worth a read if you are a Rascals fan, retails $17.00 + shipping new so offering at $12.00 w/free shipping to U.S. 48 to pass it along to someone. Great literature it is not....and next to nothing about Dino except for the obligatory "we had the greatest drummer..." (which is kinda true, actually!) and odd raves and rants about Dino, Felix and Eddie. In many ways a typical sad fame-money-drugs-downer story. But if you grew up with the Rascals like I did and remember seeing them in their prime, and went home and set all your cymbals horizontal with tympani mallet pads cut in half on top, and mounted your rack tom on a stand...well, memories.
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