Thoughts on Matching Snare Drums


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Jun 9, 2018
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Beautiful! Reminds me of the Sonor Designer kit with the African Bubinga exterior and interior veneer. Not sure how it affects sound, but it’s a very classy look. I recently saw a pic of the interior of another Star kit that I think was Bubinga with re-rings. Looked amazing!
Thank you very much!


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May 11, 2006
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I've read this thread with as much interest as I do all of these type threads. I approach them as a sociology exercise. It has never failed me that the opinions here reflect without fail, everyone's opinion concerning matching snare drums are as varied as the personalities of the individual players that sit behind the kit. Some love the look of a non matching snare drum. Others want the snare to match, Others want as much contrast and difference as possible. The reasons for all these opinions are also as varied as the individual drummers. I also want to say that I am in no way trying to be critical of this in anyway. That is not my intent by stating anything here. I'm just saying that I read these posts with interest and marvel at the varied responses and how wide the spectrum of opinion is concerning all thoughts related to these musical instruments we all think about 24/7... As with all these type threads it could be said the same applies for wrapped finishes as opposed to lacquered finishes, Cymbal sizes and types brands etc. head choices, pedal choices. I think its amazing that we have as many varied choices to fit all of our varied personalities and there seems to be a product to fit everyone's needs.
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