Throwing in the Towel

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May 28, 2019
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I saw an ad for a drummer today. It was from a local band I had seen play before and envied the guy on the drum throne. Now was my chance!

WRONG. After talking it out with my wife (the smart person in our union), I had to admit that my drumming “career” was likely over. Due to injuries sustained during my real, actual career, my back will go out on me without warning two or three times a year. And when it is out, I am down for the count for several days, unable to even walk without extreme, debilitating pain. There is no way on earth I would be able to load in and out, perch myself on the throne and play for a few hours during those times.

Being in a band is a team sport. Not holding up my end of the deal would devastate me. Dependability has always been my hallmark. I can’t possibly commit to a band of that caliber. A very tough reckoning for me.

I just need to accept that the fun and excitement of public performance is behind me and just have to channel my drumming into something else.

Okay, I have wiped the tears away and have not contemplated suicide, so don’t worry about me. Okay, you can feel a little sad for me…

Have you considered playing with an acoustic band, smaller kit, less vigorous playing?

Or, share the drummer’s seat with another drummer who is sympathetic to your situation. One set each, etc. That way, you always have a backup.
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May 16, 2019
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You should check out a inversion table. My step father has the same problem and it has helped him immensely. He is a machinist and since he started hanging upside down on that thing he has only had one relapse. They can be had for $200 to $400 nowadays.
Inversion Table with acid reflux? No thanks!! But I appreciate your suggestion.


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Aug 5, 2005
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Ottawa Valley, Ontario
I've played with a couple of guys where we pretty much had one set of music. about 45 minutes..we opened for a few bands, played some benefits with other bands, always doesn't have to be a three set grinder