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Jan 18, 2010
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Poolside birthday party gig tonight in good ol' Bakersfield. Love it when I have enough room to put the 22" Masters Swish up on the far right. Also added a sweet Pearl Quickmount tambourine off the hi-hat for some jangly stuff every now and again. Otherwise, all the usual suspects... BB, USA Customs and the Paiste Masters cymbals with Steve Jordan copycat hats. Got lucky today with the weather. It was only 96F at downbeat!

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Aug 4, 2005
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Oklur Homer
Arrived at soundcheck last night to find a brand new Stage Custom backline kit mic'd-up and waiting for me!
Took about 4 secs. for me to decide..."Yup, that'll work!"
Had my drums in the van but no need to drag 'em inside - less cartage drudgery ya know.

This is Blake Shelton's new venue in Oklahoma, pretty nice joint.



James Walker

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Aug 5, 2005
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Concert with a local orchestra a few weekends ago.


EDIT: I've had a few people inquire about this unusual setup, so I thought I'd mention a couple of bits here.

This is from a "pops" concert with a local symphony orchestra, around July 4. In addition to a few things written specifically for drum set, I had to cover some "section" percussion from the kit, which is why there are wood blocks, castanets, and the like. The drum in the floor tom location is a 16x10" field drum I made for myself about ten years ago, to cover (you guessed it) some field drum parts in the program.

My overall setup: 14x6.5" snare drum, 16" field drum, 12x8 tom-tom, 22x14 bass drum (tom and BD are both late '70s Ludwigs), wood blocks, tambourine, castanets, and the cymbals are: 14" New Beats, 18" pre-serial Paiste 602, a 21" Paiste reworked by the late cymbalsmith, Mike Skiba, a 22" Paiste Traditionals medium-light swish, and an 11" Paiste Traditionals thin splash.

EDIT PART II: I've gotten a couple of questions about they snare drums. Both are home-built drums of mine.

The main snare is a 14x6.5, birch Keller shell, six-ply shell with six-ply reinforcement rings, and a double snare strainer. It gives me the option of "snappy" snares, cable snares (for "classical" pieces), or both together.

The field drum ("floor tom") is a 16x10 with a six-ply Keller maple shell, and six-ply (IIRC) reinforcement rings, with wood hoops. It has a set of Black Swamp snares, cable/wire combo.

sylvia_005.jpg sylvia_006.jpg sylvia_007.jpg sylvia_008.jpg 16x10_203.jpg
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