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Mar 5, 2017
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I get asked all the time and the answer is both yes and no! The show is fairly new (8 months old) and the first thing we did was shot our promo photos and recorded 6 or 7 tracks in the studio... they then took video clips and stills and made some nice promo booking videos but the band is obviously not live. I thought they were pretty good, but for what ever reason I have only seen one used and it's below. But the others may be used by the management / booking folks, but I have no access them that I know of. I suppose I should ask but I assume it's because shortly after they were made (including the one below) we had personal changes and they did not want to use the pics and maybe not the videos?

So all I know of is folks cell phone videos and while some of them as pretty good, they are just cell phone vids... The band is amazing and sadly, I have yet to hear a cell clip where I can hear every instrument clearly, but that is most likley a FOH mix issue. To put it bluntly, I never saw myself playing 2 hours of Porcaro at my age every night and I am most certently the weakest link in the show, but I am having a blast!

This will get kicked over the the video page pretty quick, but you asked so thats a couple of cell shots of what i'm currently doing... You can find them on face book or on thier web site... the band is PAST II PRESENT
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