Two "new" snares


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May 4, 2020
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Cologne, Germany
Two snares came with the Sonor S-Class Pro I picked up today. The matching 14x5 Emerald Green Maple Snare and an old D454.

Unlike the D454, the S-Class snare is certainly not that cheap here (about 120-160 Euro for a good D454, average S-Class from 200 Euro up) and is less offered.

I was happy to have a matching snare for my S-Class kit but again was a bit disappointed from the sound. In fact, I haven`t heard a wood snare yet I liked that much.

I tried a little bit tuning and different batter heads on the S-Class but somehow it didn`t get an outstanding sound.

On the other hand, some turns on the D454`s rods and there it was: a tight, funky sound. Somewhere close to the supra but lacking the melodic note. Far more interesting than the wooden S-Class.

Am I too narrow-minded to be stuck with metal snares even disliking them bigger than 14x5?