Two sets of Soultones Custom Brilliant RA & Latin cymbals


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Sep 24, 2006
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Deltona, FL
Selling either model groups as a set. $800 for the Custom Brilliants and $700 for the Latins - or both for $1300. No issues whatsoever. Most are in new, barely used condition. Paypal (I will pay the fees). Will deliver within 300 miles of Daytona Beach, FL up I-95 North and 200 miles south, west or northwest of Daytona Beach after payment clears.
14" Custom Brilliant RA hi-hats, 997 gram top and 1179 bottom
24" Custom Brilliant RA Flat ride 2903 grams
24" Custom Brilliant RA Crash 3266 grams
23" Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride
21" Custom Brilliant RA Flat ride
21" Custom Brilliant RA Ride
14" Latin Hi Hats
21" Latin Flat Ride
22" Latin Flat Ride
23" Latin Ride
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