Two toms mounted on bass drum


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Oct 31, 2019
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My first drum set had this configuration and for about a year I played it that way with the ride cymbal off to my right which was uncomfortable but it worked. Then 2 things happened, got in a ska punk band where I just really didn't need 3 toms and I got Neil pearts instructional DVD a work in progress. In that DVD he discusses ergonomics and playing parts to fit the song. So bye bye high tom and hello comfortable ride cymbal just to my right over the bass drum. Then a year later my new drum kit was bought intentionally as a 4 piece and the cymbal stand it came with actually mounts in the bass drum which made it easier to put my ride cymbal right where I wanted it. So for the past 20 years I've been a 1up 1down player.

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Aug 3, 2006
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Broke out the beater kit to have some fun with a 3 up setup (I’m a 1 up guy 99% of the time) and this highly angled ride placement. Obviously no crashing this ride, so I put up my 22 inch power ride. I think this cymbal is meant to be played this way, almost no wash but very clear stick articulation everywhere and especially on the bell. The extreme angle dries out a lot of the less desirable overtones. When set up in my preferred flat position, it’s a bit of a manhole cover.