UFIP 1931 22" ride and 15" hats Sound File


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Mar 8, 2013
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These are pretty unique cymbals. They're very similar to the UFIP Firma series cymbals which came out about 10-15 years ago and which are as rare as can be. Heavily hammered, lightly lathed and dark & smokey, the these UFIP 1931 cymbals are the premier line in UFIP catalogue.

I'm selling a 22 inch ride weighing 2448 grams and a pair of 15 inch hats weighing 994/110. Sound files will be linked in below.
I'm selling these for way less than retail. $250.00 each. Add $15.00 to ship the hats (Con USA) If you're interested in the ride send me your address and I'll calculate exact shipping for you (Fed Ex Ground/Home) Also Con USA. There are no issues with these cymbals. Sound files recorded on my Zoom H2 I have more photos if you require.

15 UFIP 1931 hats

22 UFIP 1931 ride