UFIP Bravo cymbals....anyone have any info???

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Mar 4, 2018
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I only owned one Bravo med thin crash and it was pretty good, pro quality all the way. IIRC it was more like a Paiste than a Zildjian. 60's or 70's I think. Wouldn't hesitate to get others.

As long as we're talking about UFIPs. I have a 15" pair of UFIP hats (875/1030) that were probably bought new in the 70's or early 80's. This thread made me look at them again because I didn't know what line they were as the stamp wasn't fully legible. But after looking at Zenstat's Italian peg board of Italian stamp alternatives and a little googling, I verified the wording was "RitMo." Success! But what's a Ritmo? Sounds a bit like "Rutroh." They were made from the late 60's to mid-90's. In reviewing different UFIP stamps, I didn't note any with the "RitMo" directly under the "UFIP."

Fortunately, these UFIP hats sound as good, if not better than any 60's to 70's 15" Zildjian A's I've owned. I'd say the RitMo's are more sweet and sizzly (from overtones?) giving them a more vintage vibe imo. Not as raw sounding as the Zildjian A's yet either is 90% similar to the other. My Paiste 602 pre-serial hats have this same sweet sizzle characteristic. And it's distinctly different from what a vintage 60's/70's A gives off.


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I had a UFIP Bravo 22" Heavy Ride a few years back that I really wished I kept. Nice definition and amazing wash when you laid into it.

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