Ugh! Another Venue looking at opening late next year!


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Nov 26, 2014
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From The Turning Point Music Cafe

Dec. 8, 2020
An Update and A Special Request

As the new year approaches, things are looking brighter as a whole for us (as in the USA). There are vaccines for all of us in the future. With that said I can't see that we will be reopening our doors at THE TURNING POINT again till the late summer and even early fall. We have to wait till people feel comfortable in going out, into rooms with friends and fans. But please know OUR DOORS WILL REOPEN!
Kim, Jason, Karen, Mike are all well, as is my family. With all the losses in 2020 I hope you and yours have remained healthy.
It's been almost 10 months since we have closed our doors for the better good of all, I understand and support it. I have always felt that this was the right thing to do and we could weather the storm, as they say. I have been able to suspend some accounts but not all. We still have many expenses.
I am asking for your help, not a lot, but a small donation by you, our people, our friends. If everyone on our mailing list would donate a small amount, $5-$10, it would really help. We still have a lot of bills, including the liquor license, taxes, maintenance, among other numerous expenses.
Please click on the link below if you can help, anything is of great help at this time.

Thank you all and please be safe going out, think of your neighbors, your family and you and I. Please has a safe and wonderful time during the holidays and keep your loved ones close by and safe!

John and The Turning Point
The Turning Point
468 Piermont Ave
Piermont New York 10968
United States


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Nov 3, 2008
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Ugh. Im still trying to be optimistic about 2021 and then I read this from the Carl Palmer site:

Due to the situation here in the UK, we have been advised to postpone all the UK shows currently planned for 2021. We are now moving everything in the UK to 2022 when we hope it will be safe for all without having any compromises.

We all look forward to seeing you in 2022 and we are going to work on extending the UK tour. All dates for 2022 will be mentioned in the next 3-4 weeks.




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Oct 31, 2005
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Yeah. I'm agreeing about 2021 being scratched out gig wise. Even my annual bike ride in June for AIDS has been cancelled for the second year in a row. And that bike ride raises 15 mil!