Update: Now I own 2 Yamaha DTXM12’s.


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Oct 31, 2005
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So, I recently got back into the e world. I’ve used Rolands almost exclusively since the days of SPD11’s. Went up to the 30 then got out of it since I was only using hand claps. It just didn’t make sense to keep it just for that.

Move up a few years and with my two bands. My band DrD has a percussionist and I heard a lot of possibilities with our songs (tribute of 70’s and 80’s). I was already back using an SPD:ONE (hand claps again). With its small footprint as opposed to the very large SPD30, it made sense. BTW, not into looping or sampling and I prefer the clean samples of the pre programmed units as opposed to the SPDSX.

So, since I knew my percussionist would not be purchasing an e unit, I asked him if I got one, would he use it. He said of course. So, I got the Yamaha DTXM12 because it’s a small profile and has 12 pads. I found also, I really liked the ease and logic of its menu system. I programmed some claps and glockenspiel for a Joe Jackson we do and showed how to pull up and explore other sounds. He’s having a blast with it and already gigging with it.

In the meantime, I found the want to explore myself and picked up a used SPD30 to use in both my bands. I made sense to me at the time to get the Roland since we already had a Yamaha. Things like timpani's and gongs and handclaps with my Petty band (Traveling Wilbury’s songs primarily that we do. Big Jeff Lynne productions). Again, a big unit. I found myself wanting the Yamaha for its 12 pads and small footprint.

So, I picked up another DTXM12 unit and sold the SPD30. I’m a much happier camper now.

Below are pics of both rigs (the Roland and Yamaha).
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