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Dec 28, 2010
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Snappy's doing the feet on the coffee table thing and passing the buck ... so, here's what I came up with on this Friday Five Fer.
Hope to put a smile on Snappy's face while he spends his day dipping chips and yelling at the neighbors dog.

Van ... Live.

Very few artists ... he is ... ... ... well, you try to sum up Van in concert!
No matter who he's playing with ... he's ... Van.

Let's start at the beginning ... or thereabouts. THEM ... with Van doing his thing. Those wacky French and their odd audience behaviors.

One of the coolest concert openings I think I've ever seen. Just wander out and let it percolate underneath some of the most exquisite horns Pee Wee has ever honked. James Brown had to be groovin' to what his sax man was laying down. Love his work.
The dual drums of Peter Van Hooke and Dahaud (David) Shaar ... freekin amazing!
I love watching Peter stare at Van and Dahaud to make sure he's laying it down perfectly complimentary. Very focused.

Summertime in England
This is from the same Montreaux concert. Check out the extended sax solo that starts around 6:50 ... good grief!!! Pee Wee Ellis is a monster. If that sax performance doesn't touch you ... you ain't got a pulse.
Extremely difficult song to pull off on the drums. So much depth and feel is required to get it right. It's not about hitting the drums. It's more of a "pull the tune out of 'em". Such ridiculously perfect drumming.

This is an outstanding example of what Van can do with an incredible ensemble. Perfection.

I’m Not Feeling It Any More
A phenomenal performance by all. Very understated ... and very inspirational. Oddly enough, this performance was for a tune that spoke of not being inspired. Cracks me up.

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Jun 30, 2015
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Framingham, MA
Love Van...For years I played with a band that would do stuff like "Crazy Love", "And It Stoned Me" & "Into the Mystic" as well as "Moondance", "Brown Eyed Girl", etc (the hits). Really came to appreciate his songwriting. Our wedding song was "Have I told You Lately"...

One of my favorites...thanks for posting!


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Jun 7, 2012
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For a period of several years, Van was the artist I listened to the most. The string of albums from Astral Weeks up to, say, Wavelength were unmatched by any rock artist, IMHO. Lots of great stuff since then of course, but it seems every one of his more recent albums has at least one song where he's complaining about the trials of being a rock star, or about being ripped off etc. etc.. He may well have legitimate complaints, but as a subject for a song it gets a bit tiresome. And some of the complaints seem a bit silly - I heard an interview with him once where he complainted that Bruce Springsteen stole his stage moves. And said he regreted being part of the Last Waltz because he didn't get anything from it .

Overall, that's a minor complaint - even his weaker albums have great performances, both from him and the band. Always great, tasteful drumming. I was playing along with a few of his recent albums off Spotify just the other day - lots of great shuffles !



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May 14, 2017
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"while he spends his day dipping chips and yelling at the neighbors dog".

I am thankful I Don't have any neighbors with dogs.
BUT it reminds of a story...
One time I lived in a guest house that had a fenced in dalmation roaming around outside my door.
The landlady's boyfriend would show up to work on his truck on the driveway, which was also just outside my door, and the dog would bark Non-Stop
the whole whole time he was there-
for hours!
He wouldn't do anything to try and stop the dog.
I swear it was "music" to that dumb S.O.B.'s ears.
Its funny 20 years later.
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