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Aug 5, 2005
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Recently, some arrangements at home changed... all good really, but it meant I couldn’t noodle on electric guitar or bass into the wee hours, as I had been. Anyway, I was bleating to a guitar playing colleague at work about it, and he suggested I try the Nux Mighty Plug Pro, and I’ve got to say… yes, it may be honeymoons-ville, but wow. How handy and good is this tiny thing.

It’s the size of a box of mints, plugs straight into your guitar/bass, and your headphones plug into it. You can very basically control it with its buttons, but via its App on your phone, you have access to almost everything you’ll ever need. Amp models, Effects, IR’s, EQ’s, Modulation, Delays, Reverbs, Compressors, Noise Gates… it has it all, and a lot to choose from. The only thing missing is a tuner, and maybe a looper, but my phone has a tuner and you’d need another stomp box for the looper for start/stop. It also has a drum machine, with a couple of workable drum tracks, and also has some Backing tracks, some Artists tracks and you can add your own tracks if you want. If you Bluetooth it to your phone you can stream Spotify, Youtube or whatever. Apparently, it can also be used as an audio interface.

Through some good cans, the sound is pristine. It comes with 7 presets, and initially I wasn’t very enamored with them, but after swapping out some amp models, IR’s, etc for my preferred, getting the levels sorted and then tweaking them to suit my main guitars, I’m very happy with the tones.

I can sit on the couch, back deck, patio, verandah or anywhere… and play, and if you want to get up and walk around, you can. The drum machine and backing tracks are ok, and I’m sure to add my own, but streaming Spotify has been fantastic, particularly while playing bass.

Anyway, if you want silent practice, maybe try the Nux Mighty Plug Pro… it is inexpensive and it covers a LOT of ground.

Here it is…
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