Vintage Hardware Lot Sale - Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers


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Jul 9, 2014
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Selling an assortment of vintage drum hardware. I have three cymbal stands, one snare basket, and one hi-hat stand. All in varying condition. Descriptions of each below.

Straight cymbal stands:
- Mid 70’s Ludwig Hercules straight stand. In great shape, works perfectly. Ludwig blue and olive sticker is still mostly in tact. Would clean up really well. SUPER heavy duty stand right here. $125 + shipping
- Mid 60’s straight stand. This one doesn’t have a name on it, so I am unsure of the brand. This is the one with the straight legs and large wing nuts. It’s in okay shape. It has a lot of surface rust and scratches, but it functions well and has no functionality issues. $50 + shipping
- 70’s straight stand. This is the one with the smaller wing nuts and somewhat swanned legs. It looks similar to a Ludwig Atlas stand from the 1970’s, but I can’t find a brand name anywhere. This stand is in great shape and functions perfectly. $100 + shipping

The snare stand is a mix between a Slingerland base and a Ludwig basket. Not in great cosmetic shape, this stand has been used a lot it seems. It’s missing a small pin to hold the basket completely in place, so there’s a wire in there now doing the job. It functions as-is. $60 + shipping

Finally, the hi-hat stand is a early 1970’s Rogers Supreme hi-hat stand. It’s in fantastic shape and functions really well. The chrome is in great shape and it functions as it should. I don’t have the original clutch, but it does have a Rogers Memriloc-style quick-release clutch that works well. $120 + shipping

Prices are flexible, but please no low balls. If you want to combine items or purchase the whole lot, let me know and we can work out a price.

I have more detailed pictures of each stand at this link here: Thanks for looking!