Vintage Sonor kit


Jul 27, 2020
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Ontario, Canada
My Sonors were red onyx-ish . This was the early eighties and I was into " natural wood " shells . The wrap peeled off like a banana with hardly any glue residue . I should have have left them alone , but at the time vintage wasn't as specifically defined and the drums themselves weren't that old .

Something else - on account of the shells being undersized , Sonor hoops are the only ones who's ears line up the tuning bolts and lugs at 90 degrees , so if those have factory correct German hoops, hold on to them , because they're very hard to find .

Thanks, Benny. Yes, the hoops are all original except for the front of the bass drum. Fortunately, the lugs were
were all there—just the hoop was missing. I had always meant to paint it black but now I'm thinking about getting a hoop wrapped with something similar to the drums.

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