Vintage Tama Superstar Drum Kit with Extras


Jul 7, 2020
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$1500 (Local pickup - meet you halfway? - preferred)

I purchased this kit in about 2000 and it has sat in my studio or in cases and has had little use since that time. In addition to this kit of Tama "X-tras" Supertoms, included are several additional items.

The Tama 6-ply birch shells are all 1982's and 1983's in Cherry Wine finish. There are a number of scratches in the finish (top of kick in particular, shown in pics), but nearly 100% free of pitting in the chrome. Snare heads (Level 360) are new. Kick head (Aquarian Super Kick III) is in very good condition. Evans Hydraulics on toms (Evans Resonant on bottoms) are used but still in very good condition. Set includes:

TAMA DRUMS (depth x diameter)
16 x 22 Kick
11 x 12 Tom
12 x 13 Tom
13 x 14 Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom

Slingerland 5 x 14 Chrome Snare (80's? 90's) in mint shape
14-inch Zildjian Quick Beat high hats (early 70's) and stand
20" Sabian Ride (80's, Canada) and stand
(2) Double-braced, heavy cymbal stands with booms

Large hardshell hardware case
Ludwig hardshell plastic snare case which fits Slingerland snare
(2) Road Runner Touring drum bags
(3) Hardshell cases (80's)
Drum Workshop DW5000 Kick pedal
Pacific throne

Also available but not shown are three Tama Superstar "X-tras" Supertoms in Cherry Wine from another set. All are from 1984 and each has a case. Asking price is $200 for each:
12 x 13 Tom
13 x 14 Tom
14 x 15 Tom (this size is absent from full set. How Neil Peart do you wanna be?)

Phone or text Craig at (Nine20) Four93 - Ten48.

T Kit Front Top.jpg
T Kit Side.jpg
T Kit Back Top.jpg
T Kit Front 1.jpg
T Badge.jpg
T Kick and DW5000.jpg
Sling Early 80's Badge.jpg
Sl 1.jpg
Sl 2.jpg
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Jul 28, 2006
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And hey - that Slingy is Niles badge: cool.

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