Vintage Yamaha Tour Customs


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Aug 8, 2005
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Atlanta, GA
I just stripped a 16x22 Tour series shell that was covered in a trashed Garnet Red wrap. Slow going as there is a silver foil-like material under the wrap itself. The red wrap came off easily, but the silver was slow and tedious to get off. A TON of glue remained, so citrus strip was also needed. A beautiful birch outer ply was found underneath, so it was worth the effort. I have an 8x12 and a 13x15 in black that I think I will strip, as well, and then do a satin-like finish similar to Yamaha's. Should be cool!

By the way........the fatter Gretsch-like Tour lugs and the thinner profile Tour Custom lugs have the same hole to hole pattern.

These drums sound incredible. Especially the toms. Stunning and GREAT for close-mic'ed situations. Really friendly under mics!