Vintage Zildjian A's Cymbals - Nobody wants them?


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May 10, 2012
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Atlanta, GA
Vintage market is tough, because of competition from both new and old. I’d say, get what you’re going to hold into for at least 10 years if it’s something vintage. Then, at least you would have used it for a period, in case you don’t make as much later on. I don’t view anything vintage
as an fact, it’s a bad investment. It’s purely musical reasons and things that I want to play for the long term.

Like some hi hats I bought from the 60s/70s...they’re not rare. But they sound great and I play them all so who cares! No regrets if used for 10+ years.


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Dec 1, 2013
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Buffalo, NY
I sold some used cymbals to Buffalo Drum Outlet recently. Paul Musili, the owner, always seems to have a market for used cymbals. I got $75 for a 20” A and $100 for a 20” K Custom. I was happy to move them and reinvest the money. I think I sold a 16” K med crash for $50 also.


Aug 5, 2019
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I am actually looking for some zildjian A's for my set. All of my cymbals are severly cracked and it is only a matter of time before they completely fall apart. I am looking to get a new set but a great deal would definitly sway me. I need:

  • 14" HiHats
  • 17" Crash
  • 19" Crash

    Any interest/availability to sell and ship these for a good price?

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Jan 14, 2019
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Actually, I could be interested in a 20" or possibly a 22" if the price is right.

When I was shopping for a ride a year or two ago after buying some drums to amuse myself in my old age, I looked seriously at old A's. That's after all what I had played for years, and while not an exquisite sound, they're definitely acceptable.

During my search I listened to zillions of sound files, jotting down the weights of each cymbal. To my surprise the weight that appealed to me in the 20" was around 2600-2700 grams. I was aware that the lighter rides are more coveted, but most of those had a shrillness I didn't like (and reminded me of what I didn't like about my old A).

The sticking point for me when it came to buying one was that I'm in Costa Rica and would have had to pay both shipping costs and about a 30% import tax (on the shipping costs too!). Believe it or not, sellers of the old A's don't always have low asking prices, so I was looking at paying too much for an old A.

I even posted on a local Facebook drummers' group looking for one, only to get the reply that I'd have better luck finding a unicorn. They don't exist here, even though there's an overabundance in the US.

I now have an Agop Traditional 20" at 2470 grams, which is frankly probably a better cymbal than an old A. However, I wouldn't be opposed to substituting an old A. Actually, I'm using early 70's New Beats along with an 18" A from the same era, so an old A main ride would be cool.

But I can't help you with the larger problem, which is the glut of these cymbals available and the preference of the few buyers that exist for light weights.


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Jul 23, 2011
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There is alot of diversity in the Zildjian A line. Much depends on the weight - and then if you also factor that you have to find someone who is looking for that particular cymbal, who has the money freed up, etc. etc. Several factors that need to align. BUT the value IS there, so be patience.

I sat on some beautiful B/O Luddy cymbal stands....priced at 40/50/60 each.....couldn't believe how long that sat unsold, even had buyers trying to talk me down. I had even polished them all up - and no rust on these - just beautiful stands.
Friday night I get a message from a buyer who wanted to buy all 3. Sat. AM he paid, and they shipped within an hour. Easysqueezy.....boom done. It was just a matter of time until that particular buyer stumbled upon my particular offering.

Drum gear sales - can be very strange. I am hoping to step out of it a bit and actually start playing more instead of dealing so much of this stuff!

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Mar 4, 2018
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SE Connecticut
Someone has a 60s 22" for $100 shipped on here. Crazy!
Exactly. Which means they're effectively getting $70-$80 for it. I would market that via FB or CL and just wait until the right buyer shows up. I have the exact cymbal at 3400 gm and have had numerous people try to buy it in the $100-$150 range.....though not for sale. Yet if I put it up for sale, it would probably take months and require many tire kickers before the right buyer shows up.


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Dec 4, 2008
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I've been posting stuff in both of those sites for awhile. Craigslist has become dead and Facebook, well, that is just a while nother frustrating ball of wax.

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