Vintage Zildjian Cymbal lot


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Jul 23, 2010
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~Vintage Zildjian Cymbal lot~

i recently acquired a nice grouping of vintage Zildjians, here is some info -

- 12” avedis ‘Trans Stamp’ paper thin - 461g

awesome little cymbal in great shape, mellow, glassy crash, dark and smokey yet sharp - $65 + ship

- 50’s Avedis 15” hi hats - 894g / 1014g

great sounding hats, i love them! wonderful chick, great closed sticking and a nice washy open sound. dark yet articulate, can fit just about any musical situation - $225 + ship

- Avedis 15” hi hats - 947g / 985g

little more body to these then the 50’s, great sounding pair that can do it all. love the open wash, really nice - $225 + ship

- 17” Avedis paper thin - 1041g

my favorite cymbal out of the bunch. just beautiful all around. opens up quickly with perfect decay. a wonderful accent crash or washy enough to ride on. - $135 + ship

- 20” Avedis Medium ride - 1967g

a great all around ride that can cover mostly all styles/genres. defined sticking with a piercing bell and a dark smokey washy crash, but doesn’t overpower the ride aspect - $149 + ship

let me know if you are interested in any or all



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Mar 8, 2006
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Does anyone know by the stamps what year the non 50s hats are?


padulaband said:
Does anyone know by the stamps what year the non 50s hats are?
Both sets of hats have 1950s small stamps from what I see. I think the pair weighing (894g 1014g) are the B stamp variant, and the pair which weigh 947g and 985g are the A variant. But I'm not sure given the size and quality of the photos. Nor does it matter to most people because it isn't a big distinction and hardly anybody even seems to know it. You can also be pretty sure they are 1950s production era because of the fine lathing on the bells, and the style of the visible hammering.

The Trans Stamp is the first one, a T1:

The 17" has a 70s stamp:

and the 20" MEDIUM has a 60s stamp but I can't tell which one. The close up stamp picture is out of focus.

I can tell it isn't a 50s LS2 because it scales to significantly less than 1 3/4". But the scaling accuracy based on estimating the stamp height from the whole cymbal image isn't really accurate enough to distinguish between the short (1 7/32") and tall (1.5") stamps. Again it matters for my research purposes but not for most buyers. Most buyers (and internet sites) are still catching up with the news that there is a mid 50s stamp with the three dots in a triangle which looks like the 60s stamp on casual inspection. :happy11: