Walberg & Auge parts


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Sep 14, 2017
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Ohio Valley
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Hi all,

I have some vintage parts for sale or trade. These are all from several orphan W&A shells that I've had for quite some time. To the best of my knowledge, these are all original to the shells, which are RGB 1968. Please see pics:

- 38 Rogers lugs TAKEN
- 6 Ludwig floor tom legs, 17" in length 3 TAKEN, 3 REMAINING
- 4 internal mufflers 3 TAKEN, 1 REMAINING
- 1 rail tom holder for bass drum with two L-style arms
- 2 diamond tom holder plates (match to the tom holder above) TAKEN
- 3 W&A round badges TAKEN
- 5 hex top tom tension rods with bottom nuts (single tension), 8 1/2" TAKEN
- 2 12" hoops, 6 hole TAKEN
- 1 13" hoop, 6 hole TAKEN
- 1 16" hoop, 8 hole TAKEN
- 3 Jasper (I believe) shells, 12", 13", 16" in finish shown in pic TAKEN

With regard to trade, my primary need is some 3-point strainer parts for a 1948 Radio King (long top arm, period correct sliding plate, snare set), but I'm open to talk about other things in case anyone is in need of these parts to complete a project. These W&A parts are just sitting and will not be used by me - just looking for a potential home for them. I will clean the items as best I can before shipping.

Please DM me if there's any interest - thanks all!
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