Wanna trade Beato Pro 1 Floor Tom Bags? (My 14x16 for your 16x16)


Team DFO
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Jun 6, 2012
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Western North Carolina
I have a Beato Pro 1 14x16 bag in excellent condition from a smoke free environment. To be clear, that's to fit drums of 14" depth and 16" diameter. It's been taken to gigs somewhere between 15 and 20 times, and it still practically looks like new. I'm looking for a 16x16 Beato Pro 1 bag in similar condition. A trade would be awesome but if that's not possible then I would consider buying a 16x16 for $50 shipped or less, depending on condition. Otherwise I can get a new one for less that $100 shipped on the Beato site if needed.

BTW, I would expect and agree to the bag being folded, crushed, wadded up, etc., in such a way to fit in a smaller box to save shipping $'s. :)