WANTED Premier Astria or Artist Birch in Emerald Green.


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Sep 18, 2021
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Cape Coral, Florida
Wanted to buy: Premier Astria Drums, in Emerald Green. Primarily want an Astria 22X16 kick drum with matching hoops, and a 14X5.5 snare drum.

Astria was an intermediate/semi pro-line in 98-99 supplementing XPK and were discontinued in favor of their Artist Birch line.

If you have an 8X7-8 or 14X11-12 Astria mounted tom (with or without rims mount) in Emerald Green, I would immediately buy those as well.

I included a pic of the Emerald Green Stain color, because Turquoise (blue green tint) is being confused by many selling as: Emerald Green.

All Astria and Artist Birch kits, all drums sizes considered that are Emerald Green. Let me know what you got for sale, please. Cases too.......

I am willing to pay quickly through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal (No fee to you) and pay well for proper shipping like FED EX/UPS (including all your packing supplies and paying for pickup at your home/business etc).

I'm in the USA - South Florida. I would gladly consider shipping from Europe/England for the right kit/deal.

My name is Chris and thank you. Email: [email protected]