Welcome to Mostly Bop Drums - Season 2

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Dec 13, 2020
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We've been a bit quiet for the last few weeks as we've been busy filming and experimenting with new (to us) kits. Today, we're giving you the full rundown of demos for the next few months as we dive into our second year here at Mostly Bop Drums!

The Lineup (in no official order whatsoever):
YAMAHA Beech Custom (Blueberry Lacquer) 18/12/13/14/6.5x14
YAMAHA Club Custom (Black Swirl) 18/10/12/14
SLINGERLAND 1950s (Blue Wrap) 20/12/16
YAMAHA Maple Custom (Natural Gloss) 18/10/12/14/16
SAKAE Almighty Birch (Wine Red) 18/13/14/16
YAMAHA Maple Custom Absolute (Red Sparkle) 18/12/14
MAPEX Orion (Birdseye Maple) 18/12/14
PEARL Decade Maple (Solid Yellow) 18/12/14/16
PEARL Reference (Natural Gloss) 18/12/14/16
GRETSCH Brooklyn (Satin Burnt Orange) 18/12/14

Which kit do you want to hear first!? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for hanging!