What Are You Listening To?


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Jul 16, 2011
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The Wild Wild West (Side of Cleveland)
I'm back!

Nine weeks of long COVID convalescence. Nine weeks! Literally have been in bed for nine weeks recovering. Won't go into details, but today I cut the lawn for the first time in two months, drank two beers, and I'm feeling pretty okay.

Elvis - You post a lot of stuff my dad used to play on the old Stromberg Carlson. This is it. The exact record player my father had and turned me onto all of the great music from the 50's and 60's:


BennyK - You and I have different taste, but very often you really nail one.

To the rest - Keep the hits coming!

Here's one of my dad's favorites. I still have all of his 45 RPM's (about 3000). Some of them are so worn they are not playable, but there are also a lot of diamonds in the rough.

Shew! It feels good to be getting better. (Isn't that a Beatles song?)

Damn.....that sucks. Glad that you've recovered.