What Are You Listening To?


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Mar 4, 2015
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Shrewsbury Mass
I have this thread going on another forum that I belong to and over the four years that it's been active, it has provided a ton of exposure to music that I/we may never have heard otherwise. I was thinking that DFO would be the perfect place to get another one rolling.

Tell us what you've been enjoying lately; revisiting old favorites, new bands or artists that you've discovered, shows that you've attended, etc.

I've been bored lately so I dug deep into my collection and pulled out Liquid Jesus "Pour In the Sky" with John Molo on drums.

And Robert Plant's "Shaken n' Stirred" with the great Richie Hayward.

I recently found out that Richie Hayward, one of my all time favorite drummers, was the drummer for Robert Plant’s Shakin and Stirred album. I had never heard the whole album until the other night. It definitely has a mid 80’s electronic pop feel to it. I give Robert props for using a human drummer instead of a drum machine, which would have worked just fine as for most of those tunes. Little by Little was really the only hit to come off of it. The song Sixes and Sevens was pretty cool imo. Richie’s drumming is fantastic all the way through the record. Lots of odd time and funky feel.
I read a interview with Richie as well. At that time he was doing session work and a little touring. He got the call from Robert and soon after, flew to England to write and record.


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May 10, 2018
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JHE Winterland, (35 songs + interview version) ; LA Forum ; In The West: lossless on Tidal. Magnificent.

Using in ears has completely changed the experience - had completely missed Redding's wonderful bass work til now.