What was that brief 2013 Vinnie Goes Ludwig About?


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Aug 5, 2005
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At and around the time Vinnie left Gretsch, Gretsch site had an adjunct Forum called Gretsch Drum Shed of which, as a Gretsch player, I was a member. I recall reading all of this same speculation on there as to why Vinnie left Gretsch abruptly and went to Ludwig. Backline support was mentioned as an issue. I think Vinnie was getting import kits delivered and that wasn't what he expected or cared to play. As for Ludwigs backline support issues for Vinnie to go back to Gretsch? I never heard that.

It's kind of a bummer in a way to see such a big name drum company's name used on so much lower end stuff. I get it 100 percent and honestly I love those little catalina Gretsch bop sets. It's scary how they can make low end stuff sound so good these days. That being said, it must be super annoying for someone like Vinnie to show up to a festival or some gig that supposed to provide a set and find a low end version. USA Gretsch sets don't grow on trees either so it's not like one could easily run out and find one in his prefered sizes. I can totally understand the frustration if that was the case at any point in time. I will agree though that I'm sure Vinnie could make any low end drum sound great.


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Dec 31, 2008
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I really struggle believing that Ludwig can't provide proper backline support. Especially when compared to Gretsch. Ludwig endorses several of the biggest touring rock bands out there still. That just doesn't seem like the entire picture.

Until Vinnie has jumped as many companies and Buddy, Bernard, or Vinnie A he's in the minor leagues....LOL
Ginger Baker said he jumped to DW ‘cause Ludwig wouldn’t provide a set for the Cream reunion concerts at Royal Albert Hall.


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Jan 20, 2010
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Wild that he’s been with Paiste for 10 years (?) now. Feels like yesterday when that was a surprising update.