What's wrong with my computer?


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Jul 16, 2011
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The Wild Wild West (Side of Cleveland)
Hey guys.

I am unable to respond to most posts. When I am, I am unable to changed the font or size, or anything.

Like right now, all the functions at the top of this post are unavailable.

What's the problem?


When did the behavior change for you? Last day or so? Remember a date?

What operating system are you using (including which version: eg Windows 8.1 or Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite)

What browser version (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, something else?)

There are a number of settings which if changed cause things to disappear or quit working. For example, if you accidentally touch the button I've pointed to in the upper right corner of your editor window, all your font and toolbar options disappear. Push it again to recover.

but it sounds like your issue may be a different one. Are all the buttons which control font greyed out but still visible across the top? That's a different setting again. The one which looks like a light switch over on the top left. Press it to change the setting. Another possibility is to use the full editor which is a button which should appear below when you edit a post. I see three buttons (well, two buttons and a link in red): Save Changes Use Full Editor or Cancel

Do you see any of those if you edit a post? Or are you not able to edit a post at all?

We really need more info.