Which Old K Stamp is this? A DIY tool for easy id



Announcing the beta test release of my project to identify your K Zildjian Istanbul stamp:

Which K Stamp?

This is a 95/5 project. That means I'm hoping for

  • 95% of people can use it (including beginners)
  • 95% of old K stamps can be correctly classified in 5 clicks or less
  • 5% of cymbals can't be classified completely, either because key features are missing or ambiguous, or my questions aren't clear enough.
I haven't yet polished all the prose. I'll be doing some editing for consistency. Let me know if you spot anything which needs attention. I'm also going to add the ability to click on the image to go to the next step rather than having the separate little text questions down below.

I'm looking for people to test this out. Both beginners and those who know much more about these K Zildjian Istanbul stamps than I do (thinking of Joe, but I'm sure there are others here). If you have some old K cymbal images, try it out. If you have a cymbal in front of you, try it out. If you have neither, then you can easily find images on eBay or Maxwells or Reverb or here on DFO. Try them out.

I'm interested in how this works for you if you are on a mobile phone or an iPad or the like. I don't own either, although I can borrow my wife's mobile to do some debugging.

Scope: this decision tree doesn't include K Zildjian Constantinople stamps (older than the Istanbul ones). I am working on adding the older (1930s and earlier) stamps. Also if this style of decision tree gains acceptance the plan is to do one for all the Avedis Zildjian stamps as well. That is a much bigger task, so I'm seeing how this goes first. An Avedis decision tree would be another entry point for my Avedis pages, and once you identified a specific stamp then you could go to that gallery entry, or see hammering and lathing styles, bell morphology, etc.