Who needs bandmates when your kit sings to you?

Squirrel Man

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Aug 28, 2020
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Working on goofy things so I flip my snares off, footwork and I'm trying to listen to it above the snare.

I hear singing, almost glorious singing - tones everywhere, high and low. It's my snare overtones I'm positive but it's eerie surreal. A beautiful voice raising and lowering in synch with what I'm doing.

My splash for some reason groans noticeably, I'm not sure why but it's the splash. Between the two it's mesmerizing, I totally zone into it doing what I'm doing and it's not a bad thing.

No, bourbon wasn't involved and Hitler hasn't occupied my hats lately.


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Jan 23, 2020
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My Paiste gong does the same thing when I play the rest of the kit. I can stop in the middle of something and the gong is singing out like a choir, with dozens of different frequencies loudly humming away in accompaniment.


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Feb 14, 2011
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Nothing else was involved? No substances? :)

I've sat behind the kit and done nothing more than try hitting the cymbals in every way I could think of, which produced a few sounds I didn't know were there. Scraping the tip quickly off the bow, pinging the edge with the side of a stick, cupping my hand over the bell and making it wah at different speeds, hitting with a knuckle, etc. ... and that was only the cymbals.

One thing I do with any cymbal is listen to the edge within an inch of my ear, to hear the low frequency hum and energy stored in the plate. Who needs a gong? (Actually, I do! A gong would be next level).

Our kits are veritable wonderlands of tonal exploration.